Pitchers Hannah Saunders
Investment 60,000
% Stake 13%
Investors Deborah Meaden, Steven Bartlett

Award winning natural children's and babies vegan skincare

 Launched in March 2020, Toddle is aiming to revolutionise children’s skin care, a category dominated by plastic, and unsustainable practices.

Hannah got the idea, as she is very adventurous and loves the outdoors. When she had her first son, she wanted to share this passion with my him. Whilst on family adventures her son would get chapped lips and wind burnt cheeks. She was also always losing her sanitiser, so she started making a skin care range suitable for the outdoors in her kitchen.

Toddle now make over 10 products, to protect and care for your little adventurer! They use ethical, sustainable manufacturing practises and to create innovative products that are suitable for sensitive skin, vegan and cruelty free. Their best seller is a probiotic hand gel, full of good bacteria, this can help the immune system be more effective and help to combat bacteria resistance.  

Toddle has gone from strength to strength, now a team of 7, they are stocked in Virgin Atlantic, Ocado, WH Smith’s travel, National Trust stores, as well as Not on the High Street and Amazon. They are due to launch into the USA in 2022 with funding help from the Dept of International Trade.

Some examples of the ethical practices Toddle use:

Staff are paid a living wage and flexible working practices implemented across the team

The plastic used is Sustainable sugar cane bioplastics

Where possible Glass, aluminium and pouches (52% less plastic) are used

Eco-snoods are made from 3 recycled bottles, so instead of ending up in land fill, this circular fashion keeps your neck warm! (It’s what the bottles would have wanted!).

Refillable products across the range; using 80% less plastic

Carbon footprint is reduced by using UK businesses for ingredients, packaging and filling.

Products are PETA approved as cruelty free and vegan.

All parcels are sent in recycled boxes, biodegradable compostable bags and paper is FSC assured.

The probiotic hand gel helps the immune system, helping to combat bacteria resistance.

Deborah's reason for investing

Hannah's presentation was very impressive but with her product range sitting within a very competitive market, what really won me over was clarity of vision on product position…exactly who would buy it and why. It was a very fresh take on an established market and one which fed directly into enabling children to get involved and enjoy a healthy outdoors..particularly after the confines of lockdown.