Pitchers Andy Jefferies and Ben Muller
Investment £75,000
% Stake 10
Investors Deborah Meaden

Unique Quick Drying Towels

Founded by Andy (UK) and Ben (Australia) in 2015, Dock & Bay have taken the traditional cotton towel and completely reinvented it for the better.

The unique quick dry towel

Founded by Andy (UK) and Ben (Australia) in 2015, Dock & Bay has taken the traditional cotton towel and completely reinvented it for the better.

Dock & Bay towels are made from a unique polyester/polyamide material that has endless benefits over your traditional towel. Including being: quick drying, highly absorbent, compact when folded, sand free and won’t collect damp smells. Some might call it perfection.

The eureka moment? As avid travellers with endless wanderlust and limited backpack space, Andy & Ben had begun to realise traditional towels were too big & bulky to travel with and other travel towels were too small & dull for the beautiful beaches of the world. They wanted to create a product that they would love themselves, because no-one else was doing it. It was a gap in the market.

One night, after a few too many drinks, they pulled down the big red curtain in Ben’s living room and started sticking white strips across it to design their first towel.

Now their towels are loved by many all over the world from the backpacking beach lover to the yoga and gym enthusiasts and the families with pressure on packing space.

Andy & Ben made the jump from corporate life to running a worldwide business from other sides of the globe in a generation where many have begun to look for ways to run their own lives and be in control. They are now on a mission to grow their brand globally and inspire others to step outside of their comfort zones, whilst adding a touch of colour every step of the way.

Expanding from towels, they launched their new range of swim shorts in May 2018, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, pushing further each year to reduce their ecological footprint as they grow in a campaign they call 'Doing Our Bit'. Dock & Bay's product range also broadened in other places in 2018, releasing their beach ponchos for children and adults, hair wraps and awesome new designs. With many more exciting new products and styles to come in time for Summer 2019 so watch this space!

Deborah's reason for investing

When Andy and Ben unveiled their towels I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be interested in their business. But these are not JUST towels, they are disruptive towels! Doing what towels have done for years only faster, lighter, more compact. The best kind of business..take a product everyone knows and uses and make it better. I could also see the business was in exactly the right hands. Not only do they know their stuff but they are their product so their authenticity shines through. I was very pleased when they accepted my offer..can’t wait to change the face of towels forever!