Pitchers Kelli Aspland and Laura Waters.
Investment £80,000
% Stake 20%
Investors Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones

Child friendly sunscreen applicator


Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator is the first invention from mums and great friends Kelli Aspland and Laura Waters.

Kelli and Laura first had their idea for the child-friendly sunscreen applicator back in 2011 whilst discussing issues they were both encountering, along with other fellow parents, about how they children could apply sunscreen safely and effectively whilst not in their care.

They both found out that their children’s school had a ‘No Touch Policies’ in place when it comes to applying sunscreen, which meant the teachers were unable to assist the children in this task. They realised very quickly that this was something they wanted to change, and they wanted to make a difference for their children and others.

Solar Buddies applicator was created with the help of Cardiff Metropolitan University and a few of their students.  They helped Kelli and Laura to create a prototype which was then turned into a fully functioning product that is now being sold worldwide and having sold over 350k units since launch in July 2015.

Solar Buddies is a child friendly sunscreen applicator with a sponge and roller ball partnership. It is refillable, allowing the consumer to use a sunscreen of choice, and allows for ease of use so helps with dexterity and sensory issues. No more messy hands and great for kids in school to teach the importance of skincare, sun care, and reapplying sunscreen.

The product has won multiple awards and the plan moving forward is to grow their brand and to introduce more sustainable and handy travel and beauty products.

Deborah's reason for investing

Kelli and Laura are very impressive Entrepreneurs. They know exactly why the Solar Buddies and needed and who their market is. They had already overcome many of the challenges a start up encounters in the early stages and in particular in protecting the product. Early sales were looking promising and whilst they were pitching I could see exactly how I would be able to help them and that,  with the right support, this could become a genuinely global product. Sales have already rocketed, particularly in the US and there is huge potential across multiple territories…very exciting.