Deborah's Book - Common Sense Rules

In Common Sense Rules Deborah shares the secrets of her success, drawing on years of experience to offer advice that is both candid and straightforward. How do you turn a bright idea into a commercial proposition?

How do you inspire others to get on board? Above all, how do you make sure that you stay focused and achieve the goals you’ve set yourself? 

Some of Deborah’s insights come from observing the successes – and the failures – of others. Many more, though are drawn from her own life and business ventures. She shows, for example, how an early stint as a bingo caller in a holiday park gave her a crash course in customer relations

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The paperback, published by Random House Business Books has a cover price of £7.99.

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A refreshingly sensible look at an area plagued by hype and mythology.
Management Today

Many insights into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.
The Independent

For fans of straight-talking sass and common-sense wisdom.
Harper's Bazaar

She gives no-nonsense tips on turning a bright idea into a commercial proposition and inspiring others to get on board. More than anything, though, the book concentrates on how to stay focused and achieve the goals you’ve set yourself.
Daily Express

Drawing on her many years of business experience, Deborah shares the secrets of her success and offers straightforward advice that is based on common sense…a highly recommended read for an entrepreneur at any stage of a business enterprise.
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