Pitchers Joanna Proud
Investment £20,000
% Stake 25%
Investors Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Sara Davies, Steven Bartlett, Touker Suleyman

Mood Bears are cuddly toys that support mental health and well being.

“I originally created the bears from doodles that I was doing when struggling with my own mental health. I decided to have one made up and when it arrived, I knew that I had created something that could support others.”

First sketched and then brought to life in 2019 the Mood Bears have been on a journey of growth and development and have already been able to support thousands of children and adults across the globe.

Mood Bears are not just a cuddly toy. They have been specifically designed to support mental health and wellbeing, and allow children, and adults, to express themselves when words fail them.

They are not just a fun way to support children and adults as they negotiate all manner of emotions and feelings but they have also become a tool that can be used to teach and educate children, and adults, about emotions, feelings, and moods.

Not everyone has the learning or language abilities to express themselves vocally, but by using the bears with their recognisable colours and symbols we can facilitate communication and emotional expression.

Sometimes you just need a hug and some silent support.

There are now 8 Bears in total, each one representing a different feeling, emotion, or mood: Happy, Sad, Silly, Nervous, Love, Hope, Angry and Calm.                                                                              

Deborah's reason for investing

Jo’s pitch was passionate and it is clear this is a business with purpose. The Bears themselves are very endearing and a wonderful way for children who might be struggling with their feelings to communicate their mood. This is definitely an investment made with the heart as much as the head but sales are going strong and we are already discussing the many ways we can expand the range. Jo is open to listen and act on advice and is definitely not short of energy, ideas and enthusiasm. All qualities essential in an early stage business.