Pitchers Alison Burton, Natalie Duvall
Investment 25,000
% Stake 15%
Investors Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones

Celebrating Diversity by Diversifying Celebrations

Whilst entrepreneurs Alison Burton & Natalie Duvall were preparing for Christmas and dressing their Christmas trees in 2018, the question “can angels be black?” was raised by Natalie’s oldest daughter. The entrepreneurs were blown away by this question and searched high and low in the UK for bespoke black Christmas ornaments and items for the tree to represent their children but alarmingly, couldn’t find them anywhere. So, they decided to create their own range.


March Muses set about designing Black angels and Santa figurines, working closely with an overseas supplier to bring their creations to life. They are the only UK brand to have created a full range of Black Christmas decorations, shining the light on the need for diverse and inclusive figurines and baubles at Christmas time.


March Muses beautifully crafted, handmade Christmas products launched in October 2019 and sales of figurines from their kitchens were a huge success…selling out in just 2 weeks. The launch began with just 6 products and the popularity of their range led the entrepreneurs to develop more products for their customers and they now have over 25 items in their Christmas range. Their Christmas tree decorations represent inclusion, elegance and a side of Christmas that is barely seen, especially in the media. Children need to see that angels can be all colours and not just white, Alison & Natalie are on a mission to ensure that theses images will be normal and not a novelty.


They decided on the name March Muses as Alison and Natalie are both born in March and have named many of their Christmas figurines after an inspirational person of colour, paying homage to Black excellence.


Their unique ornaments will diversify all Christmas decor and/or represent your own family. They are stunning gifts for your friends and family and will definitely be a talking point of your Christmas tree.


March Muses journey is just getting started, in 2021 they explored new routes into market hosting a stand at the Ideal Home Christmas Show and a weekend concession stand in the Selfridges Christmas shop, both of which were a huge hit. In addition, they have created stunning new products launching in 2022, now catering to celebrations throughout the whole year.

Deborah's reason for investing

Alison and Natalie are both very capable and impressive and they raised an important point with their Christmas Decoration collection. It was one which resonated with me and one I believe would resonate with many people, opening up a new approach to a very traditional market .They are also open to working towards finding alternative materials to improve their sustainability . I'm very pleased to say sales are already booming and the product range has widely expanded.