Pitchers Michael Goulden and Ben Whitaker
Investment £50,000
% Stake 6%
Investors Deborah Meaden

The home charging solution for people without off-street parking.

Kerbo Charge is a through-pavement charging channel that makes it possible for people with street parking to charge their cars at home

“We are solving the problem of how to charge your car at home if you don’t have a driveway, which is 40% of UK households”

Given the cost of public charging, there is currently no economic incentive for drivers to move from petrol/diesel cars to electric unless they can charge at home. The cheapest public chargers on average cost 56p/ kWh, this works out at 18p per mile, which is materially more expensive per mile than a petrol car!

When you bear in mind around 40% of UK households have street parking, the cost of public charging therefore creates a major barrier to EV adoption.

Kerbo Charge addresses this inequality by working with councils to install a through-pavement channel outside resident’s homes.  The slim and shallow channel contours with the pavement so it sits perfectly flush with the pavement surface. Installation takes around one hour with minimal impact on the existing footway. 

Once installed, residents can safely insert their charging cable, and the patent pending self-closing lid closes behind like a zip, eliminating any trip hazard.

The company has also built a hyper local sharing app – residents share their supply with neighbours, generating revenue for themselves and Kerbo Charge.

Kerbo Charge’s aim is to become a big British export success story and sell the product in every city in the world where people do not have off street parking. 

Deborah's reason for investing

The best inventions solve widespread problems with simple and cost effective solutions and Kerbo Charge does just that!! Couple that with smart Entrepreneurs who are already achieving traction in the Market and you have a great Investment.It obviously helps that I am keen to support business that helps pave the way to a more sustainable future and can see that the “Kerbo charge” solution will play an important role in helping Local authorites and Individuals overcome some of the problems facing on street charging.Exciting times ahead!