Deborah's Role Ambassador
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Deborah becomes an Ambassador for The RSPB

RSPB - Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

About the RSPB

Nature is in crisis. Together we can save it

The RSPB works in the UK and around the world protecting habitats, saving species, and addressing the nature and climate emergency. It does this through five main work areas: science, species, places, people and policy.


What it does is driven by science and evidence. It ground its work on a thorough understanding of the natural world. The RSPB identifies the most important problems, using natural and social sciences to discover their possible causes. It can then find potential solutions to make a positive impact and test them to measure their success.


Survival of species and biodiversity are the ultimate signs of whether conservation is working and ecosystems are thriving. That’s why the RSPB protects species from direct threats, such as loss of habitat, and indirect threats, like loss of food source. Where the challenges are so great that they threaten species with extinction, it takes direct action to help populations recover.


Nature needs other nature. That’s why the RSPB works to create more, bigger, better and joined-up protected areas on land and at sea in the UK and around the world. The RSPB helps people and nature coexist in harmony, ensuring that where people are living, nature can thrive.


A thriving natural world is essential for our species and is only possible if people feel connected to and understand nature. The RSPB inspires, educates and supports people young and old and from every possible background to act. The more of us who get involved, the bigger, more diverse and more powerful our support for nature will be.


To stop nature’s downward spiral and to build a world where wildlife can thrive, governments must have the right ambition. Ambition that is underpinned by action, which must be framed by targets, law, monitoring and enforcement. We need nature-positive solutions, and alternatives to policies, practices and finance that damage nature.

How they do it

The RSPB brings people together who love birds and other wildlife, and who want to do something to restore the health and diversity of the natural world. It enables more people to take positive action for nature. It acts, it influences, it collaborates and it empowers.