Pitchers Alison Stevenson
Investment 50,000
% Stake 12.5% Each
Investors Deborah Meaden, Kelly Hoppen

Deborah finds the perfect fit with Clean Heels

Clean Heels are the world’s first original heel stopper. They prevent high heels from sinking into soft ground, falling into cracks and protect wooden floors. The Clean Heel is designed to fit snugly and the flexible material grips securely without damaging the heel of the shoe. Clean Heels are made from strong, eco-friendly materials that enable the heel stopper to stay attached to the heel at all times and suits all weathers.

Clean Heels are now available online at www.cleanheels.co.uk


Timpsons, Lakeland, Debenhams, House of Frazer and many more listed on the wesbite.


Myers-Mr Minit-David Jones - Sandler Shoe store Autralia

Solo Shoe Store South Africa

Minutes Shoe repair Dubai

Deborah's reason for investing

Some products speak for themselves and as I watched Ally describe the benefits of the heel stoppers my first thought was that if they work and they don’t spoil the look of the shoes then I could see them being a wardrobe essential. When I tried them on I was immediately impressed with the discrete way they tackled the sinking problem. I could also see a wide range of Markets..not just in protecting the shoe heels against mud, gravel, cobbles etc but also in protecting precious floors and carpets against sharp heels. Ally herself had achieved so far against all odds and although she admitted herself she needed help on the Business front, she was (is) full of energy, motivated and clearly resilient.The only question was would we be able to sell enough to turn this into a sensible Business but the low cost of the heel stoppers turns them into an easy purchase that women will pop into their handbags “just in case”. I have several!

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Address: Clean Heels Ltd, Crofton Retail Centre, 112 Stubbington Lane, Fareham, Hampshire  PO14 2PE

Phone: 01329 317390 

Image: © Isha Hawkins ishahawkinsphotography.co.uk

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