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A revolutionary way to help people throughout the developing world transform their future. is a revolutionary way for you to help people throughout the developing world transform their future. Set up by one of the world’s leading aid and development organisations CARE International, enables families to find their own route out of poverty. And it allows you to have a direct impact on their lives. works with poor people in developing countries to provide much-needed access to basic financial services and entrepreneurial training. This helps entrepreneurs start and develop their own businesses - and build a better future for themselves and their families.

All you have to do is visit and choose a promising entrepreneur / business. When you’ve made your decision, you provide a microloan to get the entrepreneur’s business plans off the ground. You can make a contribution towards the total needed, in increments of £15 or more, or you can invest the full amount yourself.

Regular updates about the entrepreneur are posted on the website, so you can follow their progress. You can also see how their new source of income (and your loan) is transforming every aspect of their lives – paying for food, medicine and school fees, and providing a better future for their whole family.

When repayments are credited to your account you have a choice. You can decide to withdraw your money using a PayPal account. You can donate it to CARE International and fund their life-changing work throughout the world. Or you can do what most lenders do and make another loan, helping even more entrepreneurs turn their plans for business – and their hopes for a better future – into reality.

I was approached out of the blue by lendwithcare, I guess because my profile as an investor was a good fit for them. The concept was instantly attractive but before I could commit I needed to see their work in action and satisfy myself that their set up actually worked.

I had visited Cambodia at the end of the civil war and was interested to see how Lendwithcare could help a country trying to repair itself from total devastation. What I saw wasn’t people looking for hand outs, but people looking for the opportunity to make their lives better - something that micro financing can give them. It was truly amazing to see what a huge difference such small sums of money could make to their lives. Agreeing to become an ambassador after this experience was easy.

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