Pitchers Thomas Aske and Tristan Stephenson
Investment 75,000
% Stake 15%
Investors Tej Lalvani, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden

Whisky Me is a no nonsense whisky club, which was founded in 2017 by Thomas Aske and Tristan Stephenson of Black Rock Whisky Bar – the east London bar that’s bucked convention and made whisky accessible to all since 2016. 

Whisky me is an affordable whisky club that sends 5cl pouches of premium whisky to its members on a monthly basis. From just £7 a month, Whisky Me members get to try a dram that might set them back £14 in a bar and cost as much as £100 for an entire bottle. The service is supported by a tasting card with distillery trivia, an online review platform and bottle shop, regular whisky articles and blog posts, plus a monthly live tasting streamed through Facebook and Youtube. 

Whisky Me packages their product in a small PET pouch, which dramatically reduces the chance of breakages during transit, brings down postage costs, and fits through any letterbox. Whisky Me operates a take-back scheme, where club members are encouraged to send back empty pouches (for cleaning and refilling) in return for free whisky.

Thomas and Tristan’s combined 40 years experience working in the drinks industry has seen a string of award winning bars and bestselling books, as well as incredible access to great whiskies and distilleries across the world. Whisky Me is the culmination of these endeavours.

Whisky Me is the perfect club for any curious drinker, whether a first time tryer or aficionado. whisky-me.com

Deborah's reason for investing

It was clear Tristan and Thomas had a great deal of knowledge and strong reputation in the drinks Industry which is a great start. Whilst there are plenty of subscription offers out there, they presented a new, totally unique and accessible offering to an often inaccessible product. Modern, fresh and great value, the only concern I was left with was the eco credentials but their “return your packaging for a free whisky” offer overcame that and I was keen to jump on board for exciting times ahead.