Pitchers Jayne Sibley, Marty Orton,
Investment 125000
% Stake 10%
Investors Deborah Meaden, Sara Davies

Enabling people with dementia to manage their money securely.

“One of the hardest challenges we faced as a family was finding a way for Mum to remain financially independent, while keeping her money safe. Mum was capable in so many ways, but needed access to her own money in order to live life the way she wanted to, and for as long as possible.”

Jayne Sibley, CEO and Co Founder of Sibstar

The creation, development and launch of Sibstar came from Jayne’s lived experience of caring for parents June and Peter, both of whom had dementia. As June's condition progressed, so too did her vulnerability to being scammed: to losing cash and bank cards, to giving money away inappropriately, and to overbuying. Jayne’s parents’ hard-earned savings were disappearing at an unsustainable rate.

Sibstar was developed to combat this, and offers a unique way for people living with dementia to access and manage their everyday money, empowering them to enjoy financial independence for longer and in a safe and supported way.

The debit card is pre-loaded with funds, then how and where the money is spent can be managed through the Sibstar app. Sibstar’s functionality can be instantly switched on or off, delivering a flexible solution which can be personalised as the needs of individual customers  change. The app’s money management controls include spend limits, ATM, online, phone switch on/off; instant freeze, auto top up and real time notifications, all of which can be changed instantly and remotely. Our goal is to help the needs of those living with dementia, while giving families a reliable way to help their loved ones remain financially independent and therefore financially included.

Following Sibstar’s launch, we now have the opportunity to help many more families.  The adoption of Sibstar across multiple and diverse audiences means we will not only help many more individuals, but also begin to ease the burden on family carers and normalise the discussion of financial health and independence between vulnerable people, their carers and wider communities. Our ultimate goal is to enable financial inclusion, and equality, for all. 

Deborah's reason for investing

Sibstar was born from Jayne's personal experience with her Mothers dementia. She recognised the benefits of being able to help families living with dementia feel secure in managing every day spending and, as all true Entrepreneurs do she decided to do something about it!! Marty and Jayne were incredibly impressive in the Den, describing the problem they were solving and how they were solving it clearly and succinctly. Sibstar is a perfect Investment, great entrepreneuers with clear vision, solving real life problems and I am delighted to be joining them on their journey.