Pitchers Andy Murray
Investment £25,000 each
% Stake 10% each
Investors Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones

The very first drinks-dedicated bakery in the world.

The Drinks Bakery creates delicious savoury drinks biscuits that are expertly flavour profiled using premium ingredients, to match great drinks like champagne, craft beer, whisky and of course gin.

The ingredient profiles of Drinks biscuits react with matched drinks and balances the consumer palate, creating a better taste experience.  

Deborah's reason for investing

With the huge growth in the ‘perfect pairings’ market, from tonic water to special craft gins, food and wine, actually creating a biscuit to accompany and enhance specific drinks seemed like an obvious next step. That Andy, with his background as a sommelier clearly had the knowledge but also the vision to be the first one to take that step was very attractive. I also loved the clarity of the branding, which tells the story perfectly and succinctly…and of course, the fact that they taste scrummy, with the added bonus that I get to test the new samples…makes this a perfect Investment!!

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