Pitchers Wayne Taylor
Investment £50,000
% Stake 20%
Investors Deborah Meaden

A simple tool that gets your chain back on your bike without the mess

Rehook is the original tool to get your chain back on your bike. The tool's patented design ensures your hands (and clothes) remain sparkling clean. Its adjustable high-grip silicon strap attaches to your bike frame so its immediately accessible and you can bounce over rocks and curbs with Rehook firmly in place - no rummaging through pockets or panniers.

Rehook was created by Norwich based Managing Director, Wayne Taylor. The idea for the product came after Wayne dropped a chain, and arrived late for a meeting, with oil stained hands and a soiled shirt. There was no effective solution on the market, so Rehook was developed.
Rehook was developed and launched in September 2016 using the power of 3D printing. The team were able to fine tune the design and test the market within just 10 weeks, avoiding any large financial investment.

The product is available to purchase from www.rehook.bike.

Deborah's reason for investing

I am not a cyclist but thanks to Theo's demonstration on why the Rehook is so much better than the fumbly, messy alternative which leaves your fingers dirty and greasy, it was easy to imagine that it would become a must have item for cyclists. At £12.99 it is also at a price point which makes it very accessible and the perfect gift….we all know a hard to buy for cyclist! Wayne's key competence is in online space so he has the skill to maximise our presence and make us available to a wide online audience. A great combination and I can imagine we will be exploring further developments in the not too distant future.