Pitchers Matt Kennedy, Eddie Fisher
Investment 50,000
% Stake 5%
Investors Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones

Sustainable body care

Fussy are on a mission to banish single-use plastic from your bathroom…starting with their natural refillable deodorant. Founded in February 2020 by friends Matt and Eddie, they have gone on to be named ‘The UK’s Best Eco-Deodorant’ and graced the armpits of everyone from Holly Willoughby to now Deborah and Peter of course.

If you ever needed a reason to be Fussy consider this…every year we throw away over 3.2 billion single-use plastic deodorants. But more sustainable options often aren’t always that effective nor convenient. It’s a problem that Matt and Eddie were all too aware of having worked in advertising for many years and witnessed the failure of many larger brands to address the problems we face and having struggled themselves to find a natural deodorant that actually worked. Or as Matt puts it ‘Single -use plastic stinks but it doesn’t mean you should!’. So whilst holding down their day jobs, they worked mornings, evenings and weekends in local cafes, plotting their planet-saving-pit-friendly deodorant. Fussy launched a Kickstarter campaign to see if the world shared their vision to be more Fussy. It turns out the world did. And Fussy went on to be the highest ever grossing deodorant on Kickstarter worldwide!

And it’s easy to see why. With an award winning pebble shaped design it’s the Apple of the deodorant world. Their plastic-free refills simply decompose in your garden or a bin and the unique science-backed probiotic formula keeps you smelling fresh for longer. And the best bit? A flexible subscription model means you never need to worry about running out, they deliver straight to your armpits as and when you need refills.

Customers can choose from five eye popping colour case colours and five beautifully refined scents that smell more like perfume than deodorant. A subscription pack cost £13 and refills cost £5 and will last between 4-8 weeks with daily use.

And Fussy are just getting started. With the backing of two great dragons Fussy is planning a lot more planet saving innovations. They truly believe that by being a little more Fussy about the products and brands we choose to support, we can create a better planet for everybody. It’s consumers that have the power and brands that have the responsibility, together let’s do this. Power to your pits!

Deborah's reason for investing

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the planet and disposable plastic and harmful ingredients are at the top of the list. When Matt and Eddie described their mission to take a fresh look at very traditional product with a big negative impact on the environment and re-engineer to remove single use plastic along with a  “ no nasties” ingredients approach..it was immediately appealing. That it was presented by two clearly capable and switched on guys with such a clear vision and understanding of the opportunity..soon had Dragons in a bidding War…just glad that I won it alongside Peter!!!