Rehook Plus

REHOOK PLUS - The definitive cycling multi-tool. Includes tyre levers, spoke keys, chain tool, wrenches, hex keys and more.

It incorporates tyre leavers, wrenches, spoke keys, screwdriver and hex heads with the classic Rehook tool head.

Rehook is your new road side cycle tool kit. The definitive lightweight multi-tool. Ideal for dropped chains, tyre changes and a range of roadside issues.

The Rehook tool head is a unique patented design which keeps oil and dirt away from your hands and clothes. It can get into small gaps that fingers can’t reach and makes a multitude of chain related tasks and jams much simpler to resolve. Helping to keep frames free from scratches and abrasion and mech’s clear of debris.

Its adjustable high-grip silicon strap attaches to your bike frame so it is immediately accessible and you can bounce over rocks and curbs with Rehook firmly in place – no rummaging through pockets or panniers.

Available to puchase on the Rehook Website:


Rehook chain tool head

2x Tyre Levers

2x Spoke keys

8mm wrench

9mm wrench

10mm wrench

5mm Hex key

6mm Hex key

PH1 Phillips screwdriver