It’s all in the mix as MixAlbum becomes FitMix

Originally seen in the den as 'MixAlbum', is a music service with a difference, and the change in name came from a change in business direction. FitMixPro is powered by the world's 1st Auto-DJ system, so the tracks you choose are seamlessly beat-matched to download as a continuous mix. Visitors to FitMixPro can try it with a 'Demo Mix' of the tracks that they choose.

Originally MixAlbum was aimed at the dance compilations market, but always struggled against the preferred option that many potential customers went for - downloading mixes illegally for free! However, as soon as the original website was launched there was a constant stream of interest from Fitness Professionals; here was a system where they could choose their tracks, the length of the mix, even the speeds they wanted and create seamless mixes that are essential to keep classes in step.

With some added features, was born in September 2009 and has expanded rapidly to become the biggest download service in Europe for professional fitness (Source: The organisation is also the official music provider for a number of gyms in the UK, and supplies the hit Clubbercise(R) classes.

To find out more about FitMix click here to visit their page on this website or click here to visit the FixMixPro website.