Special Edition YUU Music and YUU Shuut are the finished product from their Designed by YUU compeition which ran last Spring/Summer.  They are YUUbags with an additional feature of a detachable tag.  The bags not only get the YUUfun pack, but also a pack of invisible ink pens with UV torch lite where children can add their own message/design to the tag.

YUUpuul- Special Edition is cabin friendly and perfect for travel and taking in flight activites around at the airport.  With an extendable handle and wheels YUUpuul can be pulled around, but also can turn into a back pack with handy adjustable straps which are neatly stashed away in a tidy pocket.  These two are in the pattern of MUUSIC and SHUUT and also come with the invisible ink pens and the bags come with the extra feature of a detachable tag.