Swing Patrol launch SwingTrain programme

Launched in January 2017, SwingTrain is a fitness brand that brings the joy, fun and community of swing dance to the gym. Accredited SwingTrainers lead swing dance inspired choreography to swing, charleston and blues music in an effective cardio workout where participants burn up to 500 calories per hour.

SwingTrainers become accredited at special training days, allowing them to set up their own SwingTrain classes. They’re provided with the choreography, teaching skills and support they need to make their classes a success. SwingTrain creator Scott Cupit said, “Our SwingTrainers are truly talented and very friendly fitness instructors with a passion for building a local community of SwingTrainees and motivating them to achieve their fitness goals. They don’t have to be swing dancers but they do have to be passionate about starting their own business and fitness!” 

For more information about SwingTrain training days visit the website www.swingtrain.com/become-a-trainer. SwingTrain has seen rapid growth and now has over 50 classes all over the UK, with new classes lined up for Italy, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

You can enjoy some of the media attention here; http://www.swingtrain.com/blog/categories/swingtrain-in-the-media/

See all available locations here; http://www.swingtrain.com/classes/

For further details about SwingTrain visit the website; http://www.swingtrain.com