eBook helps businesses save money and the environment

If you’re interested in finding out how your business could be saving money and the environment take a look at Ecoinomics - a free ebook brought to you by one of Deborah’s investments. Ecoinomy is a web based company that helps organisations to stop wasting money on things like unnecessary travel, printing and items left switched on – by sharing some of the savings with good causes. Did you know that a single PC tower left switched on every night could cost over £100 a year extra in electricity? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

To help spread the word the people behind Ecoinomy have written a short book on how to green your business the common sense saving way. And as Deborah is an investor, chairman (and a green business enthusiast in her own right) she has written the foreword.

You can download the eBook for free from www.ecoinomy.com. - please don’t print it off because it’s a full colour document. Cost figures from the printer industry assume only 10% coverage, but if you print it off, it would cost you £21 or so! How many times have you been to a meeting where a colleague printed off a colour brochure or presentation?

Our analysis shows that on average every £10 your business spends results in an average 7.1kg of CO2 emissions. (Which may not sound a lot but it’s as much CO2 as comes from using 3 litres of petrol!). Some ways of spending money – like business travel - emit more CO2 than others – like business services. But it all goes the same way. Wasted money, high emissions.

Another key tip in the book is that what looks green is often not the greenest option. Reusing envelopes looks green. So does using fancy recycled envelopes. But the greenest thing of all is not to send it all (perhaps you could take it with you to the next meeting?) There are lots of examples like this in the eBook, along with tools and checklists and exercises to get you started.

To find out more about Ecoinomy click here to visit their page on this website

or click here to visit the Ecoinomy website and download the free ebook