Steri-Spray showers endorsed by the UK's largest NHS trust

After a rigorous eight month trial Steri-Spray, the innovative showers that prevent legionnaires disease, have been endorsed by Belfast NHS Trust as "an effective legionella control measure."

George McCracken, Head of Estates Risk and Environment at the trust said, "we have completed our trials, although we are still monitoring out of good practice. All results have been highly satisfactory to date and we have now installed 20 of these units in problem areas. Our Water Safety Group at the last meeting has formally approved the showers for use as a Legionella control measure."

Ian Helmore, the inventor behind Steri-Spray, secured investment for his potentially life saving invention from Deborah and Theo in Series 5 of the Dragons’ Den, but his appearance on the popular BBC2 programme was no publicity excercise. “Without Deborah and Theo’s investment I would not have been able to continue with the Steri-Spray project as the patent fees were financially crippling me and I simply didn’t have any more money to invest in getting the product to market”, he said.

Ian admits that it has taken longer than planned to get the products to full manufacture and onto the market. However, everyone involved felt that it was important to test the showers in live installations, before fully launching the range. All of the on site testing has taken place in facilities that had live Legionella issues before the Steri-Spray showers were introduced. With endorsement from the UK’s largest NHS trust now secured, this strategy has given them independent verification that the showers really do prevent people from being exposed to legionnella bacteria when showering.

“To put it in perspective, our showers are now installed in high risk cancer wards, where patients with little or no immune system are actually using our showers. We will never know for sure, but our showers may have already prevented someone from contracting Legionnaires Disease”, said Ian.

Steri-Spray is now poised for a nationwide launch that will see them go head to head with standard showers from the large manufacturers. Steri-Spray’s ambitions don’t stop there though. The product has worldwide patents and is already creating waves across the Atlantic; currently a trial is being planned in association with an internationally recognised expert in legionella, based in the United States. 

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