Pitchers Yee Kwan Chan
Investment 50,000
% Stake 30
Investors Deborah Meaden

Deborah scoops a winner.....Yee Kwan Ice Cream

What authentic dessert do you have after your tasty East Asian meal?  With the popular trend for Thai, Japanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Korean food increasing then Yee handcrafted Ice Creams and Sorbets are the perfect finale to your Eastern feast.

Yee Kwan Chan started making her range of East Asian inspired flavours in late 2009, having been inspired by the tongue-tingling flavours of South East Asian street food.

Yee brings you lip-smackingly scrumptious ice creams and sorbets made with good honest ingredients.  The artisan ice creams are made predominantly with milk, therefore it is fuller in flavour and cleaner on your palate.

Yee has won many awards since she started trading: Great Taste Awards for her smokey Black Sesame Seed ice cream, Lychee & Rose sorbet and Toasted Coconut & Lime Ripple Ice Cream.  Thereis a flavour to suit everyone's tast.  

Yee Ice Cream is sold in Harvey Nichols, Wholefoods Market, Korea Foods, Wing Yip Chinese supermarkets and many Asian restaurants throughout the UK.

"I love everything about the Far East, the people, amazing landscapes, different cultures and particularly the food.  I wanted to fuse the wonderful flavours I experienced on my travels to create an exciting range of ice cream and sorbets with unique flabours for everyone to enjoy".

When Yee Kwan was featured on Dragons Den in February 2015, she’d just had baby Alexa who was a surprise addition to her growing family.

A national listing with Ocado in November 2015, launching 5 products, with another 2 products that have been added due to the success of the initial launch.

Yee Kwan has secured contracts with a number of Thai restaurant chains and now supply Brakes Bros, one of the leading food service distributors in the UK.

Yee Kwan’s first experience of exporting was to China (it goes on a slow boat too, taking over 6 weeks to arrive!) our award winning flavours suit the Chinese palate and have been a real hit.

Sold via China’s 3 biggest online retailers: SF Best, COFCO, Tao Bao.

Yee Kwan products can also be found in Lulu supermarkets, who have over 40 stores throughout the UAE. 

Deborah's reason for investing

In a Market as well catered for as Ice Cream there has to be something really different, really good and really tasty to even consider trying to compete. Yee Kwan's Ice Cream not only tasted fantastic - (certainly had us Dragons hooked),but was offering some really interesting Asian flavours that didn’t just sound good but tasted fantastic. The Ice Cream comes from a really authentic place and that flows right through from the brand to the flavour and you can taste the love of travel and Yee's personal family History in each delicate and exquisite taste.Product is only half the story though and Yee's poise, clarity and passion came across in a well thought out and organised way and I quickly knew we would work well together. I also had in mind exactly the person I believed would be able to help Yee really take this forward and when a competitive offer was made by Kelly ( whom I have several Investments with) I was determined to win the deal and am pleased to say...I did.

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