Pitchers Patrick Van der Vorst
Investment 100,000
% Stake 40
Investors Deborah Meaden, Theo Paphitis

The online art, antique & collectibles valuation service

Value My Stuff provides online valuations for art, antiques and collectables. Customers pay a flat fee of £7.50 per item and within 48 hours one of more than 60 experts provides an online valuation report. This report identifies the object, dates the piece, values it and provides any extra information that is relevant or fun to know. Since launch, ValueMyStuff has provided over 100,000 valuations, to more than 52,000 customers, with a total low estimate value of £102 million.

Often the art market can be perceived as unapproachable and the process of getting an item valued seen as time consuming and complex. Value My Stuff has changed all that and, as they do not buy or sell any items, their approach is completely independent and unbiased. Their experts are all based in England and have worked for Sotheby's, Christie's or other leading auction houses. They offer their knowledge, covering over 35 collecting fields, in order to make the art valuing and appraisal process as straightforward and accessible as possible.

Deborah's reason for investing

Patrick delivered a pretty faultless pitch where he clearly, confidently and intelligently took us through his antiques valuation website and why it would be successful and, more importantly, why he had the credentials to make it work. I quickly became very confident that he not only completely understands the market and his place in it, but that he has a very clear vision of what needs to be done.Ultimately I liked Patrick, his proposition and his approach and I could plainly see the part I could play in helping his business change the way we value our antiques, by making it less costly and more accessible.

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