Pitchers Charlotte Morley
Investment 140,000
% Stake 25%
Investors Deborah Meaden, Steven Bartlett

Thelittleloop is the children’s retailer of the future - daring to work towards a world where children’s clothing waste is completely eradicated.

Their shared wardrobe for kids is designed to make sustainably dressing children, in beautiful ethical brands, an experience which makes every parent feel like a hero. Everything about it has been designed for parents - because the more parents who adopt it, the bigger the impact that they can have.

From bespoke reusable mailing bags which parents use to send clothes back in, to a custom-built re-commerce platform, thelittleloop has revolutionised the conventional shopping experience by bringing together sustainability, convenience, style and value in one place. It's simple to use, delightful, guilt busting, and ultimately makes parents’ lives a whole lot easier.

Renting with thelittleloop keeps garments in circulation for longer (up to 5x) hugely improving their environmental impact. AND they’re doing it all hand-in-hand with the UK's best ethical brands - helping them to adopt the circular economy and working with them to improve the sustainability of the children's fashion industry from the inside.

Founder Charlotte describes it as both the biggest risk she's ever taken, and the best thing she could imagine doing for her children's future.

Deborah's reason for investing

Charlotte had spotted a gap in an important market in terms of offering children's clothes in the circular economy. The ability to choose, wear and return clothes to fulfil our desire for “new” and to keep up with fashion and of course ever growing children, but without the guilt of waste..is an expanding area which will play an important part in the fashion industry reducing its planetary impact. This is a complex model but Charlotte's background clearly demonstrated her ability to bring this to market successfully. I love the model, see the opportunity and it was clear to me Charlotte was in a great position to make a success of this ethical business.

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Charlotte Morley, Founder and CEO.

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