Pitchers Scott Cupit
Investment 65,000
% Stake 20
Investors Deborah Meaden

Fun, Friendly Swing and Blues Dance classes all over London and Brighton

Swing Patrol is a dance company built on a passion for vintage swing dances and an incredible group of talented dancers that specialise in the vintage era.  

Run by 2015’s Dance Teacher of the Year, Scott Cupit, Swing Patrol has received great success and recognition for their passion and sense of joy as they bring swing to London. In addition to nearly 40 weekly classes, glamorous swing balls and weekend festivals all over London, they also offer immersive entertainment in the form of taster classes and high flying performances, and full event management, for private and corporate events.

You may have seen the team dancing at the major summer festivals or making TV appearances on Call the Midwife, The Peoples Choice Strictly Come Dancing, BBC Breakfast and Blue Peter. They’ve even danced at both Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street. Recently they broke the record for World’s Largest Charleston with 975 dancers, proving just how contagious the dance can be. 

Swing Patrol embrace the rich history of swing dancing and bring this to all they do. With a love of all things vintage, the team aim to reflect the original styles in their teaching, performing and dancing. 2015 saw the publication of Scott Cupit’s book Swing Dance, which details the history, fashion, dancers and dance moves of the swing era.

Swing Patrol dance classes revolve around building solid foundations in Lindy Hop technique combined with a good dose of fun. The Swing Patrol team have a focus on quality and combine an extensive knowledge of dance with a high level of energy to give their students a clear understanding of Lindy Hop, Blues, Charleston and the dances they love to share.

Moving forward look out for SwingTrain which will be the fitness arm of Swing Patrol with the unique selling point of getting fit to inspiring swing, Charleston and Gospel music while learning authentic Charleston, jazz and swing steps. 

Deborah's reason for investing

There’s no better way to grab attention than a high energy professional and fun dance and that is exactly what happened when Scott and his Swing Patrol group burst out of those lift doors. They even had all 5 Dragons on their feet dancing so were off to a great start. BUT however much I was enjoying the dancing, In the Den my business head is firmly on and I set aside my emotional response and waited to hear the business case. Scott presented in a clear professional and organised fashion. He explained exactly what the business was, how it made money and that it was already generating profit. He was an intriguing mix of highly creative and clearly skilled but with an added dimension that his time working in finance had given him. Although he had a development plan he made it clear that this was up for discussion demonstrating the flexibility that is always needed in a young business. All in all he was as close to the full package of person plus product and I am not at all surprised he received several offers but I am very pleased he accepted mine.