Pitchers Merry Whitaker and Rachel Day
Investment £50,000
% Stake 10
Investors Deborah Meaden

Deborah invests in a clothing keepsake company

LoveKeepCreate – The Clothing Keepsake Company received funding from Deborah Meaden in Dragons’ Den in 2016.  Launched in 2013, the company is owned and run by Merry Whitaker and Rachel Day.  Friends from their time in Army officer training some 13 years ago, Rachel and Merry are passionate about bringing textile keepsakes in to the mainstream keepsake market.

LoveKeepCreate was launched after Rachel made her first keepsake blanket from her son’s babygrows for her Army husband to take on deployment to Afghanistan.  She put a picture of her beautiful creation on Facebook and orders from friends and family started flowing.  She started making them for other people but it was apparent very early on that there was a huge demand.  Rachel and Merry spent an evening getting very excited about the possibilities and LoveKeepCreate was born.

So many people have boxes of beloved clothing in the attic which they really struggle to part with, those few special items which have been outworn, outgrown, now unneeded.  It might be baby’s first hospital outfits, a wedding dress, grandad’s favourite old shirt, or mummy’s old sports jumpers.  LoveKeepCreate offers a wide range of keepsake and other textile options for people to be able to turn those outfits into beautiful, bespoke keepsakes. 

Rachel and Merry have developed a strong brand and are the absolute leaders in this field.  LoveKeepCreate is committed to providing an incredible level of service to do justice to the very special items with which they are entrusted.

Deborah's reason for investing

I loved Rachel and Merry's story and the very beautiful and often moving keepsakes they were designing and making..each with their own story behind them. I  was also pretty impressed by how quickly they had grown their business and that they understood the importance of growing in a planned and organised way. The moment when the combination of great idea, well executed by good people comes into the Den you are bound to attract a Dragons attention and I am pleased to say they chose to accept my offer of Investment.