Pitchers Sam Piri
Investment £45,000 each
% Stake 10% each
Investors Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones

The UK's premier dissection based human body event

The ITAE Group is an educational events business specialising in delivering live anatomical dissection events for both the general public and education institutions. Operating internationally in universities, hospitals, schools and colleges we blend education and entertainment to bring alive the human body. 

Deborah's reason for investing

This was probably the biggest turnaround I have had on the Den and proof that first instincts are not always right!!! It was Sam's clear, authoratitive description of a need that I had not even considered, coupled with his good understanding of where growth may lie that really gained my interest. I loved that he understood his Market but also that he may need help in this time of rapid expansion…Dragons can only help if Investees are open to it…that helped me understand why it would be a great partnership. Peter Jones clearly thought the same..