Pitchers Nancy Gries and Julie Hawkins
Investment £50,000
% Stake 20%
Investors Deborah Meaden

“Raise your Glasses”

 Nancy & Julie set out to break the perception that reading glasses are a boring necessity for many and so created a unique and original reading glass and chain collection which is guaranteed to restore some fun into growing up!

Frustrated by the lack of choice available in they decided it was time to stamp their imprint on the way reading glasses are perceived and break the stigma that they are associated with age.  They also recognised that whenever they needed their ready readers they would end up rummaging around to find them.   They wanted to make wearing reading glasses fun, stylish, sophisticated and always at their fingertips. 

They challenged why glasses needed to be worn on our face, when often they are only needed to read menus, packaging labels, mobile phone messages, etc.  So was born their CotiVision™ necklace reading glass collection – worn around the neck and lifted when needed like a magnifier.  The construction is adapted with a magnetic mechanism that makes it easy to remove the reading glass element and convert the chain into a fashionable necklace and mask chain.  And the fun element is that there are additional chain choices offered separately allowing even more colour and style options.

But, not limited just to reading glasses, they have developed a complete range of fashion forward glasses chains.  Their collection AMORE ITALIA consists of an array of unique models in a range of ravishing colours.  The collection is loving handmade in the heart of Northern Italy from recycled materials.  Each CotiVision™ Amore Italia chain is carefully and passionately created to deliver a punch of uniqueness and character.  They blend fun, function and fashion in a palette of bursting colours to inspire a look which is bold and beautiful

Deborah's reason for investing

Having been a reading glass wearer Nancy and Julies explanation of why they came up with Coti Vision really hit home.. it seemed to me they were bringing an important bit of everyday kit out of the dullness and into the light. The designs are cool, funky, highly wearable and bang on trend and their extensive background in the eyewear Industry underlined they understood how to produce a relevant, quality effective product.So…great product presented by two highly experienced professionals…what’s not to like!!!

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